Last modified Jan 25, 2024

What is the ping app?

Ping nudges you to hang with friends.

Lots of apps count miles run or calories or hours slept. Ping measures the most important thing in our lives: quality time spent with friends.

Earn points, track your last hang, and let friends know you’re down to hang!

Who is in the app?

YOU control who you see in Ping.

Why do you need my birthday?

You have to be 13+ to use Ping.

Why do you ask for my contacts?

Ping is an app that helps you spend with your friends IRL. We ask for your contacts so that we can make it super easy for you to add friends, which is optional.

Why do you need my location all the time?

The purpose of Ping is to nudge you to hang with your friends IRL. The app notes when you’re near each other based on the location of your phone—but does not show your location, no mapping, etc unless you choose to broadcast.

How is it different from SnapMaps?

SnapMaps is everyone seeing everything always…just lurking. Ping is the opposite.

On Ping you choose who sees your location and when. And the goal is to get together IRL.

Who will see my exact location?

Ping puts maximum control in your hands. Nobody sees your exact location unless you choose to broadcast that you are “down to hang.”

If you choose to broadcast, you are sharing your exact location on a map. You are sharing this information for (a) the amount of time you choose or max 2 hours (b) to the specific friends you choose to see it.

(Read: so much better than SnapMaps.)